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For Adults

Tom’s House Language School offers the following foreign language courses for adults:

General English is the most popular and appreciated course in our company.

Tom’s House teachers will help master the language to both those who start studying English and to those who would like to improve their language skills

General Conversational German is to teach you one of the most difficult European languages. The curricula are designed for different levels of the German language

General Conversational French courses are available for those who would like to speak in one of the most beautiful European languages. Tom’s House provides teaching for students with different levels of the language proficiency.

General Conversational Spanish is taught at any level of the language proficiency. Our specialists developed different programs for those who would like to study the language spoken by Cervantes.

General Conversational Italian teaching is provided for those who would like to study one of the most melodious European languages. Our teachers can help you to choose the most appropriate program.

General Conversational Swedish and Finnish courses will help you to study the languages of our Northern neighbors.

Russian as a Foreign Language courses are designed for foreigners who would like to study the Russian language.

Tom’s House offers the following Business language courses:

Business English

Business German

Business French

Business Spanish

Business Italian

Business Russian as a Foreign Language

In addition our company provides courses in foreign languages for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes

German for Specific Purposes

French for Specific Purposes

Spanish for Specific Purposes

Italian for Specific Purposes

At Tom’s House you can prepare for taking the International exams including


Tom’s House offers Intensive English courses for those who would like to master the English language rapidly in the shortest possible time

English Speaking Club is for those who would like to improve their conversational skills with a Native English Teacher in a friendly environment.