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Business Russian

Welcome to Tom’s House’s Russian as a Foreign Language courses!

Business Russian

Tom’s House offers multi-level programmes of Business Russian, whose dynamism, flexibility, and wide range of modules set them apart from similar courses. The programme has been developed in accordance with international standards of business communication and is aimed at students at or above Elementary level (A2 on the Common European Framework).

The course is divided into modules, each of which covers one aspect of professional life. Each module includes essential and wide-ranging vocabulary materials, linguistic and cultural commentary and authentic reading texts which build on professional themes. Pronunciation skills are also enhanced as part of the course.

In each module, there is a strong focus on developing business communication skills, meaning a large amount of dialogues and role-play gamesб in order to strengthen spoken skills. Business writing skills are also an integral part of the course.

Why Tom’s House courses are unique:

  • Authentic reading texts and dialogues;

  • Work on grammar and vocabulary compliment the development of essential professional speaking skills.

  • Additional materials for effective development of essential professional communication skills.

Tom’s House uses the communicative method in all its foreign language teaching programmes, and Russian as a Foreign Language is no exception. From the first lesson, the all teacher’s efforts will be placed on getting the students to break the language barrier and use their lexical and grammatical «arsenal» in everyday business situations.

Thanks to this approach, students can independently and fluently communicate in virtually any real-life situation on any given topic.

Tom’s House can also give corporate lessons of Business Russian. The course is very popular and very much in demand for expat workers in large multinational companies. Lessons take place according to the individual company’s needs, at a time suitable to them in either mini-groups or individually, at the office or at home. The programme and teaching materials are tailored to the needs of each student.

For more information please contact Tom’s House’s corporate department by e-mail: or telephone: +7 495 258-0040

Business Russian courses at Tom’s House are the most effective way of learning to speak the «Great and mighty», albeit difficult, Russian language proficiently.


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