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General Spanish Course

Tom’s House Language School offers General Conversation Spanish courses at any level of proficiency.

General Conversation Spanish course is divided into 4 levels. The table below provides information on the name of the level, course duration in academic hours and its relation to internationally recognized language levels.

Academic hours
Common European Framework

1. Nivel Inicial 1



2. Nivel Inicial 2



3. Nivel Intermedio



4. Nivel Avanzado




Students can take either group or one-to-one courses. At the beginning of the course all the students are provided with a set of learning material, published in Spain and consisting of a textbook, a workbook, CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers use the communicative approach in teaching Spanish. The main aim of the course is to develop speaking and listening skills. That is why all classes include plenty of conversational exercises (discussion in pairs and in groups, role plays, dramatizations, dialogues) and listening material. The Grammar of the course is also structured according to the communicative approach. It is presented not as a set of rules to learn by heart, but as a set of grammatical patterns necessary for a certain real-life situation. Each new grammatical pattern is practiced in various oral exercises such as monologues, dialogues, group discussions. Reading skills are acquired through reading activities starting with reading easy texts at the beginning level and up to authentic texts from the Spanish press and extracts from original literature at higher levels. These assignments help students enrich their vocabulary and cultural awareness.

Try and learn to communicate in the language of Cervantes and Lope de Vega and become a part of the great culture of the great country at Tom’s House!


  Group Individual Corporate

General course with Russian tutor

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General course with Native speaker tutor

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