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We have reviewed and analyzed efficiency of different teaching methodologies. As a result we have created general approaches and techniques based on many years experience in teaching foreign languages both in Russia and abroad.

Using the Communicative methods in combination with our unique teaching know-how allows our students to develop all the skills necessary to acquire fluency in a target language.

Special emphasis is made on development of communication skills, including spoken language and listening comprehension. These skills are acquired through abundant speaking practice and by using the most up-to-date listening course. Each lesson includes a lot of role-play and pair work activities, learners are involved in discussions.

Tom’s House teaching methods are aimed at developing other important skills. Grammar is explained in a simple, intelligible way, and is consolidated with the help of various supplementary resources designed by our Methodology Centre. Students enrich their vocabulary by learning modern everyday and business lexis. Each lesson includes phonetic warm-ups which help to improve pronunciation.

In the teaching process we use modern learning aids, supplied by leading European publishers.

These educational aids give complete support to both students and teachers. Every package includes a course book, a workbook for home tasks, audio course, CD-ROM, DVD, and other supplementary learning materials.

Tom’s House teaching system takes into account 3 components necessary to achieve positive results: knowledge, competence and skills. They guarantee a sound consolidation of mastering a target language.