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General German Course

Besides being one of the most difficult European languages, German remains one of the most popular one. Studying with Tom’s House you will be able to communicate in the language of Schiller and Goethe. The General German course is divided into five levels. The table below provides information on: the name of the course, course duration in academic hours and its relation to internationally recognized language levels.

Number of Academic Hours
Common European Framework
  1. Anfanger (Niveaustufe A1)
  2. Grundlagen (Niveaustufe A2)
  3. Aufbau 1 (Niveaustufe B1)
  4. Aufbau 2 (Niveaustufe B2)
  5. Fortgeschrittenne (Niveaustufe C1)












Students can assess their level of knowledge by taking our placement test either at the office or on-line. We provide both group and one–to-one courses. All students are provided with a set of learning material including a textbook and a workbook.

Tom’s House uses communicative approach in teaching German with the focus on speaking skills. Lessons include a majority of conversation exercises (role-plays, dialogues, discussions etc.) and listening material (audio and video). Grammar is given according to the topic the students are studying and is practiced in speech. Students develop their reading and writing skills by doing relevant exercises. Our teachers pay attention to students’ pronunciation.

We use up-to date course books published by leading European publishers.

As a result our students can communicate in German at Elementary level within the given real-life situation. At Elementary level students can tell about themselves, about their family and work, receive some information or keep a conversation (e.g. shopping, transport, hotel etc), write an e-mail, fill in a form. At the end of the course they can discuss political and social issues, make presentations, take part in negotiations, read original literature and draw up a document.


  Group Individual Corporate

General course with Russian tutor Levels А1.1, А1.2, А2.1, А2.2 75 academic hours

19 500 Rub Order 930 Rub Order Request

General course with Russian tutor Levels В1, В2 и С1 100 academic hours

19 500 Rub Order 930 Rub Order Request

General course with Native speaker tutor Levels В2, С1 100 academic hours

25 900 Rub Order 1 650 Rub Order Request