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Express Course of Conversational Finnish language “Allegro”

Tom’s House Educational Centre invites everyone to join in for express course of Conversational Finnish language.

Nowadays lots of Saint-Petersburgers make short shopping trips and spend their holidays in the country of Suomi.

Tom’s House offers Express Course of Finnish language, which train you to socialize with the Finns even if your level is very basic.

The training is done by modern authentic course books alongside with lots of supplementary material.

Tom’s House uses communicative approach which helps our students to develop speaking skills. All the lessons include massive language practice such as role games, situational dialogues, pair and group work etc. To develop listening skills we offer various audio and video materials during the lessons. Grammar is taught naturally in the way which makes it practical and understandable for life related situations and then is practiced in speaking. Every lesson also includes reading and writing practice. We work with pronunciation as well.

The course length is 60 academic hours.

We organize individual and mini group classes.

Should you have any questions or want to subscribe for the course contact Tom’s House office in Saint-Petersburg.