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General French Course

Taking General French course is a wonderful opportunity to speak in one of the most beautiful European languages. Tom’s House French courses are available for students of all ages and different levels of proficiency. Students can assess their level of knowledge by taking our placement test either at the office or on-line. Classes are held both in groups and one-to one. Every student receives a set of books for studying.

Level Number of Academic Hours Common European Framework
  1. Debutant
  2. Pre-Intermediaire
  3. Intermediaire
  4. Intermediaire-Superieur










The objective of the French teaching is to develop learner’s ability to communicate in the target language in real-life situations. We use communicative approach in teaching French. This method of teaching combined with our experienced teachers’ works will help students start speaking from the very first lessons. A lot of activities, including role-plays, dialogues, pair and group discussion exercises, drama and etc) help break the language barrier and start communicating in any real-life situation. Audio and video material included in class activities will develop students' listening skills. Grammar is explained in plain language and then practiced using oral drills. Thanks to this approach even at the beginner’s level students start communicating in French. At Elementary level students can tell about themselves, their family and work, receive some information and keep a conversation (e.g. shopping, transport, hotel etc), write an e-mail, fill in a form. At the end of the course they can discuss political and social issues, make presentations, take part in negotiations, read original literature and draw up a document.

We use up-to date course books published in France which allow our students not only to learn modern vocabulary, understand and use widely-used language in their speech but also learn a lot of new things about the life in contemporary France and better understand the culture of the great country.


  Group Individual Corporate

General course with Russian tutor 100 academic hours

19 500 Rub Order 930 Rub Order Request

General course with Native speaker tutor 100 academic hours Levels В1-В2

25 900 Rub Order 1 650 Rub Order Request