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Intensive Language Course

Our Intensive course is a great choice for those who want to make a rapid progress in studying English.

You are welcome to choose an intensive course: month

  • Language course ‘immersion’ duration 36 hours (1 month)

  • Intensive course duration 60 hours (2 months)

This course is for students with different levels of English proficiency but not beginners.

Physiological comfort is a compulsory element of effective training at our intensive courses. Before taking the course you can attend a trial lesson conducted by the teacher you are recommended, and only after that make your decision.

Some students set certain career goals, for e.g. to prepare for a job interview; other students want to brush up their English before going abroad. It will be nice if after finishing the course you will get into a language environment either at your work or on vacation.

An Intensive course is a long term action program . To supports your knowledge after English immersion course you have to study on your own, and possibly communicate in English, watch TV and listen to audio books.

The specific character of the intensive training is defined by short time limits and extensive learning materials to be studied in the classroom. Students are given homework to be done on the weekend, but they achieve great progress studying on working days because of more frequent classes. Speaking skills are improved, the memory capacity is increased, and the step by step classes give you an extra bonus similar to the effect of immersion into the target speaking environment. You can rapidly improve your listening skills- the ability to understand the speech and react actively in situations of communication. You will be able to systematize the existing knowledge, activate the vocabulary keeping passive in your memory, define the problem zones and get rid of difficulties in learning the language, feel confident and free in communicating with partners in your group.

We conduct group and one-on-one lessons.

Our offer is especially attractive as the groups are small (5-6 students in a group) and classes are conducted in the vicinity of subway stations.

You can check your level of proficiency in English with the help of on-line testing using our site or do the placement test in the Tom’s House central office

The 'Immersion' course price 

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   Group training course  One-on-one training course for 1 academic hour  Corporate training 
 Local teacher 6900
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The Intensive course price 

Get an extra discount 5% when you apply on-line

   Group training course  One-on-one training course for 1 academic hour  Corporate training 
 Local teacher  10 900
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  Group Individual Corporate

General course with Russian tutor

15 900 Rub Order 890 Rub Order Request

General course with Native speaker tutor

20 900 Rub Order 1 590 Rub Order Request

Payment conditions:

  • 100% prepayment
  • The contract for providing educational services is concluded with each student
  • Students can attend a free demo lesson