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Business Spanish Course

Tom’s House offers a multi-level Business Spanish course specially designed for businessmen as well as for managers and employees of international companies operating in Russia.

The objective of the course is to enhance business vocabulary, to master speaking, listening, reading and writing skills using contemporary, authentic reading and listening material.

Our Business Spanish syllabus is designed according to the international principles of business communication. The course is divided into several modules, each of them dealing with a certain aspect of business activity. Every lesson covers the main strands: grammar, vocabulary and functional language. The course is focused on developing business communicative skills based on various business role-plays, drama, and consolidating oral exercises. The functional business language is presented in the context of traditional business skills such as speech etiquette, meetings, negotiations, telephoning, giving presentations, signing contracts and agreements, business correspondence, management, sales and others.

In class we use up-to date Business course books published by leading Spanish publishers.

Classes are held both in groups and one–to-one. The Business Spanish program can be tailored to a range of aims and objectives within the work environment.


Course duration

Common European Framework

1. Inicial

2. Intermedio

3. Superior

120 acadimic hours

120 academic hours

120 academic hours


B1 – B2

B2 – C1


  Group Individual Corporate

Business course with Russian tutor

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Business course with Native speaker tutor

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