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Teaching Foreign Languages for Kids and Schoolchildren

Tom’s House language school offers the following language courses for young learners and schoolchildren:

General English Course for Children. These multi-level courses are available for children aged from five. The courses divided by levels are designed for children from Starter to Advanced. Each course lasts for 100-120 academic hours.

In addition to General English we offer special preparation courses for taking the following International exams in English such as KET, PET, and FCE for Schools, CAE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

We teach the German Language to primary and secondary schoolchildren. Separate multi-level programs are developed for children of different ages at Tom’s House. These programs are based on up-to date authentic German textbooks.

French courses are provided for children starting from five years old. The programs are developed for levels from A1 to B2.

To the above we teach the Italian and Spanish languages to children at Tom’s House Language School.

There are preparation courses for taking the State Exam in English, German and French.

Children can test their language level here or come to the Tom’s House office.