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Tom's House Educational company

Tom’s House Language School offers a wide range of quality foreign languages courses. We provide tuition in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian as a foreign language to students of any level of linguistic competence. Our schools are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Do you want to be fluent in English and/or other European Languages? Tom’s House is the right school for you to consider, because:

  • We have over 10 years experience in the educational services market, which means getting constant positive feedback and gratitude from many of our students.
  • The learning process is conducted according to the most up-to-date and authentic materials. Our students get a complete set of learning aids at the beginning of their course.
  • Tom’s House has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers both Russian and native speakers, who have CELTA and TESOL certificates.
  • Our school classrooms are located in the centre of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, in convenient proximity to the underground stations. We also conduct in-house trainings (i.e. at your home or in your office).
  • Contemporary spoken English is not a problem! You will be able to learn the language easily and quickly and speak it fluently, as we use communicative methodology and unique learning aids, designed by our methodologists.
  • We make an emphasis on an individual approach to every student and efficient organization of the learning process.
  • Tom’s House Methodological centre, which is operating in Moscow, is exercising quality control of teaching. Our specialists are constantly updating and improving educational programs, advising and training our teachers, making sure our company is keeping up with the modern educational standards.
  • Learning English at Tom’s House is the best synergy of intensive and extensive approaches. Preparation for IELTS and other international exams with our teachers will guarantee your high scores.


We offer


For adults:

  • General English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish courses and Russian as a foreign language;
  • Business English, German and French courses;
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP): for lawyers, managers, economists, accountants, personal assistants, etc. as well as holiday-makers;
  • Preparation for international exams such as: IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, GMAT, BEC;
  • Intensive English course.

For children and teenagers:

  • General Spoken English, German, French, Italian, Spanish; Russian as a foreign language; intensive English course;
  • Examination preparation courses: FCE, CAE, TOEFL, IELTS.


For business customers:

  • General Spoken English and other foreign languages; Russian for speakers of other languages;
  • Business courses of English, German, French;
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP): for lawyers, managers, economists, accountants, personal assistants, etc.;
  • Intensive English course, where we can tailor an individual training program which will satisfy students’ specific business;
  • Unique tailor-made Business English course for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. English + Psychology.

Our foreign language Schools are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


We recommend


TOM’S HOUSE most popular courses:


General English is the most popular and appreciated course in Tom’s House. Main objectives of the course are: development of spoken language skills in everyday life situations, and teaching the basics of business communication. These objectives are achieved by a lot of speaking practice exercises and drills, dialogues and role-plays.


Business English course is oriented to customers who need decent knowledge of spoken and written language in everyday business situations. The syllabus is developed according to the international standards of communication in English. Business course is divided into units, each unit covering different professional areas.


At Tom’s House you can be prepared for international tests in English. IELTS is one of the examinations which is in great demand. It needs to be taken if one would like to study at college or university, and get a post-graduate degree. It also helps you to meet high requirements in foreign language competence when applying for a job (e.g. Medicine or Law). IELTS results are valid for 2 years.


Only for business customers in Moscow! Unique tailor-made Business English course at Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. English + Psychology.


The program includes:


1. Non-traditional (intensive) grammar studying + speaking practice + interactive activities (2 or 3 lessons a week);


2. Spoken Business English non-stop. Coaching and consolidating + psychological role-plays and exercises (6–9 academic hours).