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Russian State Exam preparation

Tom’s House offers State Exam preparation courses in English, German and French which are held in accordance with the Regulations on the forms of, and procedure for state school examinations.

The State Exam Preparation course is a good way to assess the level of language proficiency and learn how to use the language in different real life situations. The key feature of the exam is that it assesses the ability to apply all the core skills using the language as a means of communication, and express your ideas in speech or in writing in a stylistically correct form.

The State Exam Preparation course is taught by well-qualified teachers. The course provides learners with the knowledge needed to attain high scores in the exam by developing speaking, listening and reading skills. The courses are taught in groups and individually. Provided materials are specially designed by Russian and foreign experts for state exams preparation.

The course duration is 100-120 academic hours.

Pre-Intermediate / B1students are eligible to take the preparation course.

You can test your language level here or come to the Tom’s House office.


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Russian State Exam Preparation for schoolchildren

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