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English for Children and Teenagers

Educational company Tom’s House offers effective English courses for children. If teaching your child to speak English is a priority to you—don’t wait any longer! Your child is welcome to take a course of English for children at Tom’s House! Experienced, well-qualified tutors, vivid and entertaining textbooks, adapted and feasible tasks, and above all—warm and friendly atmosphere at the English lessons—all these factors will appeal to even the youngest learners.

Your child has problems with English at school—welcome to the English course for children at Tom’s House!

Our tutor will explain English grammar rules in a simple and intelligible way. The most up-to-date textbooks, published in Great Britain, will help your children enrich their vocabulary with the most commonly used English words. Our method of teaching English will get even the shiest learners to speak more easily. As a result your child will catch up with the school English syllabus and get a lot of extra knowledge and skills.

Your child is afraid to speak English though studies diligently—this problem is easily solved by the Communicative method of teaching English.

At our English lessons an emphasis is made on speaking. Numerous discussions, dialogues and role-plays develop skills of oral speech. Break through the language barrier on the English course for children at Tom’s House!

Your child says English is boring—we offer: exciting and dynamic lessons, modern and colourful textbooks which are adapted for different age characteristics and interests of the students, and of course our experienced teachers who will encourage and motivate your child to continue studying English.

Welcome to the English course for children at Tom’s House!

The courses are designed for any beginner’s level—from Starter to Advanced. Every course lasts 100–120 academic hours. Children are provided with modern learning aids and audio set free of charge.

School children aged 11–15 can study English both in groups and individually. Group lessons are held twice a week (6 academic hours). A group consists of 5–6 students. Address: Tverskaya street 18/1, near «Pushkinskaya» metro station.

Individual lessons are held at students’ home or in Tom’s House classrooms. We also offer courses of other European foreign languages for children.

Children aged from 5–10 can only be taught individually. We look forward to seeing you on the foreign language courses at Tom’s House.