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Выпуск 17

At your leisure

At your leisure


  1. What has got four legs, eats oats, has got a tail, and sees equally well from both sides?

  2. A barrel weighted twenty pounds. A man put something in it and then weighted only ten pounds. What does the man put in it?

  3. Why can’t it rain for two days continually?

  4. When is onion soup sure to run out of the bowl?

  5. How far can you go into the woods?

  6. What is the difference between a cloud and a spanked boy?

  7. What is the difference between a man going upstairs and one looking up?

  8. What is the difference between a cat and a comma?


  1. A blind horse.

  2. A hole.

  3. Because there is always a night in between.

  4. When there is a leak in it.

  5. As far as the center, and then you will be going out.

  6. A cloud pours with rain and a spanked boy roars with pain.

  7. One is stepping upstairs and the other is staring up steps.

  8. The cat has got claws at the end of its paws; the comma has got a pause at the end of a clause.