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The Measure

The Measure

By James Merry Davidson

(former «Tom’s House» English teacher)

The measure of a friendship true

Is whether I get on with you.

The measure of a house’s height

Is whether it shuts out the night.

The measure of a fish’s swim

Is whether it’s the tail or fin.

The measure of a hidden treasure

Is whether you dig as work or leisure.

The measure of a poem’s magic

Is whether it’s comic or tragic.

The measure of a snail’s path

Is whether it leads from home to hearth.

The measure of a child’s tears

Is whether they wash away fears.

The measure of a mother’s love

Is whether it’s the hawk or dove.

The measure of the life I live

Is whether it’s riddled with holes like a sieve.

The measure of a dragon’s breath

Is whether it’s life or fiery death.

And all the world round, and all the day long,

The music of life, the sound of a song,

Although I could tell you the how and the Why,

I’d better keep quiet and gaze at the sky.