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Funny Poems


The Perfect Friend Funny Poems

By Shannen Wrass

Today I found a friend

Who knew everything I felt

She knew weakness

And the problems I’ve been dealt.

She understood my wonders

And listened to my dreams,

She listened to how I felt about life and love

And she knew what it all means.

Not once did she interrupt me

Or tell me I was wrong

She understood what I was going through

And promised she’d stay long.

I reached out to this friend,

To show her that I care

To pull her close and let her know

How much I need her there.

I went to hold her hand

To pull her a bit nearer

And realized this perfect friend I found

Was nothing but a mirror.


Early to Bed.

By Mary Mapes Dodge

Early to bed and early no rise:

If that make me healthy and wise

I’d rise at daybreak, cold and hot,

And go to bed at once. Why not?


Who Is She?

By Virginia Gronow

Her eyes are like diamonds that are shiny and bright

Her hair is so soft and black as night

Her legs are long and her body is slender

When you hold her close she is warm and tender.

Hiding amongst she shadows so tall

Looking much closer she’s not there at all

Always in trouble with her curious way

She stays out all night and sleeps all the day.

Creeps in your room and sits on your bed

Gives gentle kisses on your nose and your head

Always expects you to open the door

There isn’t a sound as walks on the floor.

She will not come over when you call

Walks straight past as if you’re not there at all

If you want to work she wants to play

Doesn’t care if you forget her birthday.

Is she your wife or is she your lover

Is she a friend or is she your mother

She is none of those things I can tell that

This beautiful creature is only a cat.