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Сезонная скидка 20% до 30 сентября!
Места ограничены!


The prices below shall be effective through August 31, 2017

Special 10% for one-to-one classes!

We offer discounts:

· Booking on-line — 5%.

· On last-minute booking — 7 %;

· To students and schoolchildren— 5%;

· To the members of the same family— 5%;

Tom’s House offers a special discount program*:
Each student receives a discount card that entitles them to the following:

· 10% for the discount cardholder on the next course for open groups and 5% for one-to-one classes;

· 5% to the card bearer on all courses available;

· 3–5% on tuition abroad.

*During promotion period students applying to continue at the next level get 5% off.

Discounts don’t add up.