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Online Courses

The educational company Tom’s House offers distance English language learning courses. Modern technologies help everyone to learn foreign languages without leaving your house or office at any time convenient for you.

Learning via Skype

What can be better than learning English in a comfortable and familiar for you atmosphere without wasting your precious time for travelling? All you need is a reliable internet connection a Web camera and Skype. Our qualified teachers having good teaching via Skype experience will help you to master a target language using effective distance learning programs developed by Tom’s House.
You may have one-on-one classes or join a mini group.

Learning via educational platforms

An innovative educational on-line platform was created for effective teaching of General English and Business English courses.

It supports the following types of products:

  • On-line platform combined with face to face classes or with classes via Skype

  • Distance on-line course - English Interactive, which is used as an autonomous English language course for self studying or with teacher participation in a format of some parts of the course checking, tutorials, also it can be combined with classes via Skype 

Formats of teaching: self studying, online course with a tutor support (for checking parts of course tasks), learning via Skype. 

Your activities can be supervised by Russian speaking teachers or English Native teachers. 

You are sure to enjoy a convenient interface of the program, Russian versions of the site, automatic checking of all your tasks and prompt feedback while you are doing the activities: prompts, advice and performance results. 

The program can be supplemented by your teacher’s tasks. 

Besides, you will always get a report on your skills development progress. 

If you are an active and keeping up to date person who takes care of your time sign up to our distance course.

The price of one- on - one or mini group (up to 6 students) learning in Skype format
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General Course

 per 1 academic hour

Business Course

per 1 academic hour

English for Specific Purposes,

per 1 academic hour


language training


1100 930
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1150 970
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1200 1050
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On request

English Native Speaker

1900 1650
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1970 1690
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2050 1750
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On request

  • Learning materials are provided in an electronic form

  • VAT –free prepayment for each learning stage of the course

  • Students sign training service contacts

The price of the online course platform for blended learning with a teacher is RUR 1,900 per annum for one student.

The price of the online English Interactive Course for independent leaning is RUR 7,900 per annum for one student.
The payment for the platform is made upfront and is VAT-free.